How to choose the size of a bedside table or a bedside table?

As a standard, it is assumed that the top of the bedside table or should be at or at least above beds height. And although this is the right rule, it is not entirely precise – the height of the mattress is crucial here, and this one can often be much higher than the bed frame. And here’s a little hint – if you want to make it a little easier for yourself, choose bedroom furniture from the same collection. In their case, these heights are matched to each other.

However, the right height for a bedside table or wardrobe is not everything – depth will also be important here. If it is too high, it can make it difficult to get in or out of bed. It is most convenient when it is not more than 60 cm. And, of course, remember to keep the right distance between the cupboard and the bed – a few centimetres is enough to reach it without much effort.

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