Bedroom furniture – what should you know before buying?

Just as with any other room, the size of the interior will be of great importance when it comes to choosing bedroom furniture. Skillfully balanced proportions will not only allow us not to take away the bedroom’s space and visual lightness, but also make its decoration harmonious and thoughtful at first sight. What does this mean for cabinets and bedside tables? Among other things, that their size should be adapted to the size of the bed they will accompany. If the bed is large, these should also be accompanied by cabinets or tables – otherwise they simply disappear against the bed.

Probably most of you have already got used to the view of two cabinets or bedside tables on both sides of the bed. By the way, it is worth mentioning that they do not necessarily have to be identical. Eclectic juxtaposition of different models is becoming more and more popular – they can be 2 different cabinets, 2 tables or a duo of cabinets and a table. But let’s come back to the essence – the number of cabinets will impose on us the size and shape of the room, especially the bed arrangement. If it will be placed one of the longer sides to the wall, then it is obvious that the cabinet will be at most one.

A single cabinet or table sometimes turns out to be a more advisable solution, even if it is possible to place the bed head to the wall. If there is so little space left on either side of the bed that even slender bedside tables seem to be pushed there by force, it is worthwhile to decide to place a piece of furniture only on one side of the bed. In such a situation, small wall cabinets or shelves adapted to the bedroom’s needs may also be a good solution.

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